5 Reasons How A Live Band Will Turn Your Event Into Something Amazing

Have you ever noticed how having somebody perform the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event is so much cooler than simply listening to a pre-recorded version of the same, identical song? A live performance adds energy to whatever the event is, and you could also point out that the same thing is true of a party, wedding or other function. Certainly, you can get a Dee Jay. But thats a lot like comparing karaoke music to original music. DJs just do not provide the same juice. Theres something not quite there. Something is missing. The list below provides you with a look at what these missing components might be.

Flash and Burn

A live music group is much more entertaining than viewing a concert on a high definition TV. You’re able to see the genuine article, up close and personal, which will likely include sweat, perhaps a few unanticipated mechanical issues, adlibbing from the vocalists, and just about everything else that got cut out or edited from the concert footage that might have ended up on your blu-ray disc. The noise of a live band will not only make you deaf for a few hours, but will make your TV speakers sound like they were created by the Fisher Price toy company by contrast. This concept is also true for musical plays. Why do you think “on stage” musicals, or Broadway plays are so popular? In large part it’s due to the live music performances in a live setting. Again, they are totally different than watching those same plays on TV.

Mood Swings and State of Mind

Almost nothing can turn a casual party into a thrilling, full-on contact, blow-your-mind, rock n roll party like having an honest to goodness real dance band as the main entertainment. Are you planning a wedding event or graduation party that has to have heaps of energy injected into it? A live band does all this and a whole lot more. Bands have a way of spicing things up at the venue faster and for a longer time than a smoke bomb or small earth tremor.

Described in One Word: Incredible

You have probably already forgotten the disc jockey’s name who supplied the music the last time you had drinks at the local legion, right? If the entertainment was coming from one of the countless party bands that are often hanging around outside many dance venues, you would probably still have a hard time recalling the band’s name.

However, what you would definitely recollect was the way that band rocked the venue. Hearing Billboard’s top radio tunes or greatest hits on a compact disc performed by a DJ just doesn’t do it – despite how much alcohol you’ve downed and how loose and relaxed you feel.

Stage Presence

With a live party or wedding band, they’re able to supply as much or as little personalization to your party with stage presence and interaction that a DJ and a foldable table simply can’t come close to. Whenever you hire a band you’re giving the crowd a great deal more than simply plugging in a music machine thatll give you as little or as much music as your party requires. They aren’t a jukebox crammed with the hottest 45s or CDs or whatever they use these days, to ensure that they’re relevant in the age of online digital music files.

By booking a band you are getting the real thing, the full package, the whole enchilada. Your guests, party animals and all, will feel as if the band was there the whole time and has been linked to their lives forever, just from the interaction they provided directly to your crowd.

Did We Point Out That A Live Party Band Is Well…Live?

Being in the presence of a live music band is one part magical and one part adventurous. The best thing is that once you restore your hearing a day or two later, youll have the chance to tell everyone you were actually there with a live performance band. And won’t that be a lot of fun? Yes, indeed.