Going On Vacation? Smart Travel Technology Helps You Plan A Holiday To Match

Travel research – it’s tedious and stressful!

You’re responsible for planning activities weeks in advance. And with so many options on the market, you may not know what to choose?

For example, should you go for hotels or apartments? Do you want to be in-city or by the beach?

Are you staying in a green environment, or somewhere urbanized?

What Do I Do?

Your travel options are endless. And to make your job easier, you must personalize your research.

You must find what strictly suits your vision of an enjoyable vacation. And to do that, you leverage technology as much as possible.

Leverage is what you’ll get with recent advancements in travel technology. Many travel matchmakers today have designed intelligent search systems, skyrocketing the speed and accuracy of your search!

Not to mention – they’re designed to be as personalized as possible.

You can eliminate 1000s of unsuitable accommodation and activity options. You can quickly filter your options down to a handful, specifically tweaked to who you are.

But I Feel I Need an Expert’s Help

And there’s no better expert than a smart behavior system that infers your tastes and likes.

It’s a new travel technology and personal recommendation engine using established psychological science. It is an expert system which analyses behavioral patterns to suggest a vacation match made for you.

With such a system comes a depth that you won’t find with a human travel agent!

The new smart travel systems are essentially databases.

They classify hotel and travel options based on character in addition to the traditional features, amenities and location details.

They matches they’ll find will suit your character as much as possible. And it’s all done by a very intelligent computer.

Know a Better Database Than a Computer?

We don’t.

A computer can store not just 100s, but tens of thousands of vacation options.

They store information in personal databases that they pull up for you…

So their job to research in a wide database, finding the perfect match. And we know that’s a job you can not do on your own.

Travel agents and online systems also lack access to the personality databases of the new travel matchmaker and persona systems.

And now you can have personal access to this very database and system yourself!

Because Who Understands Your Needs Better Than You?

No one.

Think of it this way. What if you had a database under your control that you can sift through at will?

What if that database had a sophisticated capacity to understand your personality? And What if it had classified all hotels to suite the many personality traits of travelers? In that situation, it can do all the research and picking for you…

And in 2018, that’s all you need to do travel research.

Back to New Smart Persona Search Systems…

Here’s how they work.

The search and matching technology recognizes a wide range of personality traits.

It assigns traits based on a deep understanding of your actions, which uses an inference system. It then displays suggestions, where you can modify options to communicate the features you’ll enjoy most.

For example, you pick and choose options that interest you and the inference engine translated every action in terms of what it means at a personality level. In this way it tries to match you with hotels and experiences with complementary mood and personality. It will pick hotels apartments, condos, or rental homes based on their character in addition to location and amenities.

Suggestions in each accommodation type are filtered by the smart system to only give you results, according to your personality.

The Computer’s Analysis of Personalities

The new smart travel matchmaker systems can recognize hundreds of thousands of personality types and organized all into multiple sets of different priority combinations. With such a system, your research will take you just a few minutes to get a very precise personal match.

And This Means:

A travel matchmaker can filter options to the finest detail!

Personality traits cover a wide range of vacation priorities. They include everything from the services and accommodation, to the experience you want on a vacation! But more importantly the new smart system also include a personality classification for very property. Its a fundament part of the new Artificial Intelligent psychology based recommendation engine tat take into account the character of a place.

You can be someone who enjoys quietness. Or you can be someone who enjoys luxury. Or, you could be someone who is explorative. You can receive unorthodox suggestions that match your love for novelty!

The computer system infers this from everything you do. It analyzes every action and choice you make. And it discerns your preference and mood, while suggesting options that fit those criteria.

Something to Consider

Few travel planning systems give you holiday suggestions based on your personality. Most travel agents assign you accommodation and services based on your travel purpose, all classify accommodation option by price. location, features and amenities.

For example, they look at whether you travel for business or relaxation. They look at your family size and budget. But they don’t take the time to study your personality. As a result, you’ll find that personalized matchmakers are a new trend that offers a far more precise recommendation.

Only a few companies have started to understand how personality effects vacation choice. Very few use smart persona systems to match your mood and preferences. Even fewer have tailored them to high levels of accuracy.

You’ve got to Research Your “Research Database.”

Kind of an irony isn’t it? But it’s not that hard there are some excellent matchmakers systems now helping travelers find the perfect fit. But, you need to find a service that’s reputable and respected enough to suit your needs. And a respected matchmaker is usually found on well-known travel sites!

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