Health Requirement Tips For Pet Travel

Health requirements can sometimes be tricky for pet travel. Your destination country could have specific health requirements which must be complied with before your pet will be able to enter that country. Since export requirements will be determined by every country they can change frequently, and everytime you plan for pet travel you need to check the export requirements. Please note that all airlines could have separate and different requirements. Check this with your airline and determine what requirement(s) if any, they may have.

According to the rules and regulations contained in the Pet Travel Scheme, any pet must be treated against Tapeworm. This treatment should be given no less than twenty-four hours (one day) or more than one hundred and twenty hours (five days) before any pet is going to arrive in the destination country. Please also note that any treatments have to be administered only by a registered veterinarian and also have to be documented in the pet’s passport by a vet.

Immunization for rabies within twelve months, for any adult pets that are 3 months old or older is required for all destinations. The immunization has to be administered no longer than 1 year and at least 30 days before international travel. If any pet receives a rabies booster shot less than 30 days before any international flight, then proof of the preceding rabies shot is a requirement.

If you travel with your pet, then your pet must stay in the travel container for the duration of the trip. If your pet becomes disruptive, then it is up to you to soothe him without taking him out of the pet container. While this might be tempting so you can help comfort your pet, please remember that most veterinarians will advise against sedating any pet for travel because the effects of a tranquilizer on pets at high altitudes can be unpredictable.

Before you travel, be sure to always contact the quarantine office, as well as the embassy, consulate, etc., of any arrival or departure countries to determine what the required documentation needed for import and export is for your pet. This may also include any export quarantine certificate, a import/export permit, a health certificate, and also a import certificate. Please note that most airlines cannot be held accountable for problems that may arise from any incomplete customs documents.

All animals, when landing in a country or region, have to be inspected by official government vets. Please also be aware that any veterinary inspection fee could be charged. Local vet health certificates that are obtained from any animal clinics will not be sufficient to clear a government veterinary inspection. To get hold of these additional documents, like a government health certificate, you need to contact the consulate and/or embassy of the country or region you are traveling to.