Is It Safe To Travel With Your Pet?

Both rules as well as accommodations are being changed by the travel industry to assist in attracting families who travel with pets. In the travel industry, a segment that is fast growing is that of companion animals who often go on excursions on weekends, family vacations as well as day trips. The pet travel industry are regularly coming up with innovative ideas for hassle-free pet travel.

Understand that the country you are travelling to could have certain health requirements that have to be covered prior to your pet entering the country. As requirements for export are drawn up by each specific country, these may change often, so each time you are planning to travel with your pets, it will be necessary to check the export requirements. Also, each airline could have differing and additional requirements as well. It will be best to contact your airline to find out what, if any, requirements they could have.

The basic requirements for pet travel stay the same but certain changes to strengthen enforcement have been introduced throughout the EU. This has been implemented to increase compliance levels and enhance traceability as well as security for the pet passport.

It was reported by the Department of Transportation that for the period 2005 – 2009, that airlines in the United States either injured, lost or killed two-hundred and twenty-four dogs. The airline that was the worst was Continental airlines, who were responsible for injuring, losing and killing fifty-eight dogs alone. The number of pets allowed per ticketed passenger is limited to 2. There is an American airlines fee for pet travel, but for travelling in-cabin, it may be slightly cheaper. Bear in mind that it is a good idea to always get to the airport early for the pet check-in but it is also essential to remember that you will be unable to check in with your pets more than 4 hours prior to your flight taking off.

These days, there are more pet owners who travel with their pets than in previous years. There are pet owners who follow procedure and organise their pet travel both safely and properly, whilst other pet owners take risks that are unnecessary. This is due to the fact that they forget about the safety practice for travel set-out by the FDA which adversely affects their dog’s health.

So that your pet may travel in safety under the travel scheme for pets, you will be required to fill out an application for a Pet Passport at your veterinarian who is approved by a pet travel scheme. Your cat will require a rabies vaccine as well as a microchip before being able to get a Pet Passport.

It is of the utmost importance that you ensure that all the correct procedures are in place prior to travelling. Timing is key, so it will be necessary to familiarize yourself with the regulations and rules pertaining to the Pet Travel Scheme. These include all the required vaccinations, microchipping and worming of your pet or pets. Also note that there are specific time schedules for blood tests, vaccinations and worming treatment which you will need to have completed prior to being given the Pet Passport for your pet or pets.