Making Stretchy Semi-precious Stone Bracelets

If you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift idea for a friend or family member but would prefer to handcraft something special rather than buying a mass-produced item from a store, then handmade jewellery would make a fantastic choice. Alternatively, you might want to create a beautiful bracelet containing semi-precious stones for yourself, so that you can add a sparkle to your party outfit. So, if you would like to know how to make a stretchy bracelet – look no further – this handy how-to guide will have you on the road to sparkledom in a jiffy!

Things you’ll need to get started:

• Semi-precious stones or beads
• Elastic stretch string or stretch cord
• Bead stopper or binder clip
• Tape measure
• Scissors
• Tassels (optional)

This tutorial can be made as straightforward or as complicated as you desire, but this how-to guide demonstrates the easiest method of making a stretchy bracelet with the minimum amount of necessary equipment. So, even those who are not seasoned jewellery makers can create the bracelet of their dreams!

1. Measure your wrist

First, you will want to determine the size of elastic stretch string to cut. So, wrap the tape measure around the wrist which will be wearing the bracelet and note down the size. If you are making the bracelet for someone else, it may be impossible to measure their wrist without giving the game away – so you might need to measure your own wrist and adjust as you see fit. Remember, that the larger the size of beads or gemstones you will be using – the longer the stretch cord will need to be.

2. String gemstones

Attach the binder clip or bead stopper to the end of your elastic string or stretch cord. This will stop the semi-precious stones, beads or charms from immediately dropping off the other end!

Start to string your beads or stones on to the string until you are satisfied with the look of the bracelet. If you are more experienced in jewellery making, you could use bead spacers between the semi-precious stones to enhance the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of the bracelet when it is finished.

3. Tie it up

Once you have finished adding gemstones, beads or charms to your elastic cord, you will need to secure the ends together. Remove the binder clip or bead stopper and tie the elastic together to create a tight circle. Cut off any extra bits of elastic and hey-presto you have a bracelet!

4. Finishing touches

If you would like to add an extra flair to your finished bracelet, you can always add an embellishment such as a charm or tassel. It’s best to add the tassel after you have tied the ends of the elastic string together to ensure that the beads and stones will not be pulled loose.

5. Make another bracelet

Making a stretchy bracelet is an addictive enterprise, so bear in mind that you will probably need lots of beads, string and tassel in the future!