How to Spend Leisure Time Productively

Leisure time is presumed to be the best opportunity to curl back at our comfort zones and relax, or just lazy around and enjoy the pastime. But people who know how to strike a fortune at such a time are usually a step ahead. You do not have to exhaust yourself for such advantage, just simple efforts can earn you pretty penny during your free time.

Read emails and get paid

It may sound unusual, but some companies and small businesses today are willing to pay you by just reading emails for them. You may not make much in doing this, but if you’re able to read lots of email, then you can also make lots of money. When I say lots of emails, I mean thousands of emails each week.

Become a web designer

Web designers these days are in such high demand because most businesses today have their own websites, and they want to stand out. And one of the best things they can do to stand out is have a great website design. Sure, they can start their website easily, but most of them don’t know how to design their own website, so they have to look for a good web designer.

Write articles

If you’re knowledgeable on something like caring for a certain kind of pet, a DIY project, or some engineering subjects, then you can write articles about it. You can write for an owner of a blog or website, and get paid for every article you finish, or submit your articles to a website, once approved, they will share the advertisement revenue, that your article can generate, with you.

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Successful people have all sorts of strange issues.  Some are, however, worth sharing since they can make a substantial change in life. On matters of leisure time, most successful people do make good use of their leisure time that you would be envious of their way of things.

They Say “No” (a Lot)

The late Steve Jobs once said, “People think ‘focus’ means saying ‘yes’ to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying ‘no’ to the hundred other good ideas that there are.” Accomplished people know that they can’t do everything, be everywhere, and help everyone all in one day—or one lifetime.

They Spend Time in Nature

It’s tough to be your best self—and do your best work—when you’ve been breathing air-conditioned air and working under fluorescent lights for weeks on end. That’s not an ideal way to work or live. Ambitious people connect with nature and the outdoors, allowing the beauty of the environment (as well as the wonderful opportunities that nature offers—like hiking, surfing, skiing, and climbing) to replenish their energy.

They Take Classes and Invest in Themselves

The former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costello, says that studying improve comedy allowed him to become a better leader. Actress Emma Watson, who could easily rest on her Harry Potter laurels for the rest of her career, chose to pursue higher education at Brown University.

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People usually run short of free time rushing on their always busy schedules, and their aim? making money. It is important that when one finally finds a brief moment to take a breath, they can work on sorting out what could have gone wrong with their financial matters the time they were so busy at work. This can be a good way of settling any monetary issues that needs attention effectively without much rush.

Track down old accounts

According to the British Bankers’ Association, there are 150 million bank and building society accounts in the UK and anywhere up to half a million lost accounts – with up to £1bn in dormant accounts at any given time.

The good news is that tracing lost funds has become easier with – a free online service that covers all UK bank and building society accounts. All you need to do is to go to the website and type in your details. The service has so far reunited people with £300m stashed in bank and building society accounts.

Claim tax credits

It’s always worth checking that you are receiving all the benefits and tax credits you are entitled to. says government statistics indicate that people across the UK are collectively missing out on benefits and tax credits worth around £16 billion a year. Visit the website to find out how much you could claim.

Sort your savings

Another easy way to make money is to make sure your savings are working as hard as they can.

If you’ve had the same savings account for a while it might be worth shopping around because new customers tend to get the most competitive rates. Good rates come and go, but if you’ve had a savings account for more than a year the chances are the interest you are earning is not the best out there.

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