Survival Tips When You Are Lost In The Jungle

Have you ever got lost in the jungle? Well that is not a fun experience if you are not an outdoor savvy person belief me. Here are some top survival tips on what to do if you are lost in the jungle. I mean, you never know when you will need it, survival preparedness is critical.

Here are the survival tips you must know in order to keep you and your family save:

1. First Survival Thoughts

If you are near a residential area and on foot, try looking for a trail that would lead you out of the jungle. If you are fresh from a plane crash however, it would be a good idea to stay put near the plane for the search party to arrive.

2. Moving Around The Jungle

Picking a tall tree as a reference point would be give you a good bearing on which orientation your are moving in the jungle. But if nothing is apparent, you may have to choose a direction and just keep heading forward consistently to that set direction.

Travelling when there is light and resting at night is always a good idea, as you will be visually impaired travelling in the dark. Keep a look out and keep your ears open for sounds of a river or a stream nearby that could lead you to civilization.

3. Tips To Follow Animal Trails

Follow animal trails that are in your path. They may lead you to a water source or an area where you are more visible to rescuers. Pick up a stick for use to clear away plants that may be in your path and as a tool to help you balance. There could be rough terrains that you may need to cross.

4. Finding Water in The Jungle

If you can find a stream; that would be a great source of drinking water, but you will have to boil the water before consumption though. If you have a survival filter with you, that could just safe your life. You can use that to just siphon up water to drink directly from the river.

5. Shelter for Survival

A shelter is of top priority as it protects you from the elements and the easiest one to build is a lean-to made out of leaves and branches. Find a fairly long branch and lean it against a tree on one end, then place short branches along it at 45 degrees. Collect large leaves and cover up the whole thing and you have yourself a shelter.

6. Finding Food In The Jungle

Do not hunt for animals in the jungle. Why? Well, because you will be wasting a lot of your energy in doing so. If you are not a seasoned hunter, it is not easy to hunt, unless of course you have a hunting gun with you. Set traps. Yes, learn how to set traps and the more traps you set, the higher the chances that you will be successful in getting food.

Here are the top 6 jungle survival tips for your emergency preparedness. Know them, learn them, put into practice and you will know exactly what to do when need be.