Travel Tourism In The Caribbean

If youre thinking tropical for your next vacation, theres no better place to visit than the Caribbean. With delicious food, beautiful beaches, and oceans bluer than youve ever seen before, visiting the Caribbean should be something that is on everyones bucket list to do at least once.

However, if youre interested in booking flights and finding out more about island life and activities with your Caribbean vacation rentals, youll soon discover that there are multiple islands from which to choose. Some things set these islands apart from one another, which you should consider before booking your trip to the Caribbean.

Why Visit The Caribbean?

The number one reason to look into booking Caribbean vacation rentals is the weather. The region is blessed by the warmth of the sun consistently. The area does not see the four seasons as we do in the United States. If your winters are particularly harsh at home, the Caribbean is a great destination to help you escape the bitter cold.

Secondly, in addition to the beaches and blue seas that youll see while on your trip, you will also come across aquatic life that you have likely never seen before, other than in pictures or a zoo.

There is an abundance of marine life in the Caribbean, including


Sea Turtles

Sting Rays

Tropical Fish


Seeing these things is easy to do as well since the visibility in the water is near crystal-clear. The best way to do so is by renting snorkeling or scuba diving equipment. If you do not feel comfortable going in the water, there are boat tours that take you out to sea allowing you to view the aquatic wildlife. Many of these boats have glass bottoms so that you can see below the oceans surface.

Another reason to visit the Caribbean is the rich culture and history. Much of the area has been around since colonial times, which can add a historical element to your trip. Barbados especially has a rich cultural heritage. You may want to consider booking tours to learn more about the history behind many of the buildings and architecture in the area.

Similarly, the Caribbean is also known for their exquisite festivals. Each island has festivals that theyre known for, most of which feature lively steel drums and parties into the wee hours of the morning. Each islands unique cultural influences will be on full display in color and costume. You can look up festivals before you go, as options range from music festivals to religious festivals. You will surely be able to find one that aligns with your interests.

Lastly, the best reason to visit the Caribbean is the people. Ask anyone whos traveled to the Caribbean before, and theres a good chance theyll rave about the people they encountered during their trip. Most of the regions residents are happy-go-lucky. A laid-back island way of life may seem like an overplayed cliché, but youll find it to be true when you visit the Caribbean.

Deciding Which Island To Visit

Now that youve settled on booking Caribbean vacation rentals, now comes the hard part of picking a destination. There are over 7000 islands and islets in the Caribbean, each with their unique features. There are two methods in which you can go about visiting the Caribbean. The first strategy involves visiting one country while on your trip and discovering everything that country has to offer.

So, for example, you could choose to secure one of the Barbados vacation rentals and spend a week exploring every inch of the island. Theres plenty to do while visiting, and the odds are that no matter how much you do, youll still find yourself wishing you had one more day left in your stay.

The second strategy involves island hopping. Moving from one island to another is relatively easy. There are both ferry and airline routes that can take you from island to island. Youll also find car rentals available in the more-developed areas, so getting around a new location shouldnt be a problem.

You should only consider the second strategy if you are planning a more extended trip. If you have five to seven days, youll likely feel rushed during your journey. Odds are, youll leave feeling you left many of the islands undiscovered. And, youll spend much of your days traveling, so youll even less time that you had planned. Also, keep in mind that youll have to pack up your existing Caribbean vacation rental and check into a new one.

Because the Caribbean has so much to offer, we recommend exploring it extensively. Remember, you can always come back to a different island on your next vacation! Were willing to be that once you visit the Caribbean, you wont want to go anywhere else for your next vacation. So, where should you begin your journey in the Caribbean?

Destination Caribbean

Besides Barbados, the British Virgin Islands is one of the best places to visit in the region. The area features a rich British culture. Ironically, the island is one of the least developed of the Caribbean mainstays. But unlike other vacation destinations, this is not seen as a negative. Instead, it is something that gives the island character and appeal. And, even though its not as developed as its counterparts, youll still find numerous villas, resorts, and restaurants.

Puerto Rico is another area in the Caribbean that we highly recommend. Travel to the country is easy, as United States citizens can enter the country with their drivers license. The capital, San Juan, features vivacious nightlife. Puerto Rico is more developed than other islands, but youll still find that you can escape to enjoy the beaches and blue waters.

One of the other destinations to consider when booking Caribbean vacation rentals for the first time in Turks & Caicos. The island has long regarded itself as a secluded getaway and has maintained that reputation even though travel to the area has increased over the past few years. Although all of the beaches in the Caribbean are amazing, the beaches on Turks & Caicos are on a different level.


And of course we missed some! Here in this video you will find a round up of the top 10 accrording to its authors – they are Auruba, St. Lucia, Bermud, Barbados, Turks & Caicos, St Maarten, St Barts, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla,Jamaica