What Motivates People To Donate To Charitable And Nonprofit Organizations?

Most of the time, people who are well-off have different charities to support. Wealth is often a huge factor in supporting charitable institutions that support the less fortunate. However, money is not the only consideration for people who support charities. The following are some of the other motivating factors that make people want to help charitable institutions.

Reasons Why People Give Money to Those in Need

According to a recent study conducted by Elizabeth Dunn, Eugene Caruso, and Ashley Williams, there’s a new explanation for why people are motivated to donate to charities. When donation requests strongly resonate with one’s self-image, that person is more likely to give. They also found out that individuals who do not earn much, choose to give to nonprofit organizations when given donation requests.

Rich people have a greater sense of independence and personal control. Wealth allows them to achieve their goals without having to depend on other people, and this has an impact on how they see themselves. On the other hand, those who have lower earnings feel more connected to other people. They depend on others to make their daily existence more meaningful and happier.

Here are other reasons why people give:

* Someone asks for help and you are willing to give.
* The person’s story touched your heart.
* You want to offer help, especially to those who are in need during disasters.
* You want to change someone’s life.
* You feel connected to a group or community.
* You were taught how to give by your family.
* You want to support a charity because it will boost your sense of style, like wearing a wrist band or baller.
* It helps you build your social network.
* You want to establish a good image and reputation for your company.
* You want to share your ideals and causes by leaving a legacy that upholds them.
* You feel fortunate to donate something and give back to those who are in need.
* You give because of religious reasons, your faith taught you to help whenever you can.
* You want to be looked up to as a role model or leader.

Essence of Giving and Helping Others

Giving should come from the heart. It’s a personal act that’s not imposed by others. When the personal interest of people is in charity work, they give solely because they have the same vision and mission. For instance, engineering companies provide scholarships to students because they want young people to pursue technical education.

So now, you know exactly the most important reasons why people give. What are your motives when you help a charity? Visit this article for a perspective on what real wealth means.