5 Tips That Will Help You To Cleanup Your Rv After A Trip

As extremely fun and enjoyable as an RV trip can be, filled with adventure with family and friends, coming home to your home sweet home is always a lovely feeling and a feeling that never gets old. Home is always home no matter home awesome the trip was. The feeling of your own bed, your fluffy pillow, and that dreamy ambient sound of the fountain outside your window. As you arrive home from a trip in the RV, its so easy to get caught up in all the excitement of coming home, and cleaning the RV gets put on the back burner. Try to resist that urge because when the time comes for the next trip, you will thank yourself for taking the effort to clean the RV beforehand and not at the last minute when you are about to go on another trip.

Following are five simple cleaning tips and tasks that will help keep you on track and get your RV in great clean shape in no time.

1 – Wash vacuum and disinfect – We all know how nice it feels to come home to a clean house after a long days work, well, the same holds true for your RV so make sure you give it a proper clean before your next trip. Make sure to clean and disinfect the bathroom, wipe down all the surfaces and mop the floor. Using a mop and bucket to do the floor can be very annoying given that the bucket is going to be hard to fit inside the RV. A better idea is to use a flat microfiber mop that does not require a bucket of water to clean.

2 – The next part you should move onto is some deeper detail work like cleaning the fridge, pantry, make sure to see if there is any food leftover that will go off. Lastly, open the windows to get some good air circulation.

3 – Give the outside a good once over, make sure there is no damage that needs to be repaired. Check the tires for air. Check on the windows too. Look out for rust, and any cracks.

4 – Next is to move onto a little engine maintenance. You dont want your battery to die so give it a good clean and if needed, take it out and place it on a charge. Check your water and oil while you are there.

5 – Lastly, empty out the water from the water system as you dont want it going stale in there. Dont waste it though. Put it on the flowers. Once your battery has charged, put it back in and make sure you start the RV at least once a week to keep the engine alive and well and prevent any issues on startup when going on your next trip.