When Leisure Time Experience Turns Negative

Not all the time will leisure time turn out to be as impressive as expected, sometime leisure experience is perceived quite negatively due to a number of factors. This may not only lead to discomfort, but also avoidance of the concerned activity.

If you have avoided an activity you are interested in because of a negative experience, it is important to understand what factors made an experience negative and consider whether changing those factors could contribute to a better experience.

Once you understand what may have contributed to your negative experience, you are in a better position to make decisions about giving an activity/event/experience another try. If the activity or experience (e.g., the ballet) did not appeal, it may be best to move on and look for something that captures your interest and brings enjoyment. If your negative experience is linked to modifiable factors (e.g., size of group), learn from that experience and look for opportunities that offer the activity in a format or group size, for example, that may be a better fit and, therefore, better experience for you.

Finally, do not let yourself get into a rut where you accept poor experiences as status quo. If it isn’t fun; if it isn’t meeting your needs; if you don’t feel comfortable – don’t settle. Very few people have enough time to participate in things that are not offering wonderful experiences. Stop. Take time to figure out what is contributing to the ongoing negative experience.

Sourced From: https://leisurethings.wordpress.com/tag/negative-leisure-experiences/

Young people crave leisure time more than older ones. This is a good time when one can do what feels best for them, but also has the potential of grave negative results. If one’s leisure time is extended to negative indulgence it involves both law breaking and worse, it could be the worst turn one can ever make in life.

In the technology section, I include playing videogames, surfing the internet, watching TV, listening to music, phoning a friend… Playing videogames and surfing the internet can be something very funny and interesting. There are games which tell us incredible stories as a book or a film; but we should be careful with these activities, because they can make people introverted and we mustn’t stay too much time at home.

The same happens with television. There are good and bad programmes, which can influence us negatively; so we must select and not to stay much time watching them. In general, we must moderate the use of this type of activities.

It’s difficult to solve the alcohol problem because we need to change the mind of a lot of people. But I think that the government should increase the control of the alcohol sales to young people because they are starting to drink very early. Boys and girls of twelve or thirteen are buying drinks without problems. And there is a law, but it isn’t respected.

Sourced From: http://comeniusproject-elay.blogspot.co.ke/2009/05/good-and-bad-aspects-of-leisure.html

Leisure is interesting to engage in, doing what you like most can be the best experience for your free time. But sometimes this may extent to new and negative levels when it comes to productivity, especially if you do not define the thin line between leisure and procrastination- an enemy to productivity.

The problem with leisure is that it’s just too hard to resist. In her article “Read This Paper Later: Procrastination with Time-Consistent Preferences,” Carolyn Fischer writes that “people like leisure and prefer it sooner rather than later.” She points out that we are more likely to consider the short-time gains of taking leisure time now than the utility costs of having to complete more work later or within a shorter time period.

 In other words, we are more likely to do what is fun and easy now, and postpone the harder stuff for later, something also known as task averseness. Your to-do list is almost never that hard to complete, but you’re just avoiding it for one reason or another, and you should try to understand why you procrastinate.

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