4 Steps To Make Your Holiday More Enjoyable For You And Your Pet Dog

Going on an overseas holiday is a dream come true for many families. But if you also happen to be an avid dog-owner, leaving behind your pet at home while you and your family are having fun seems so cruel. But there is no need to fret since there are plenty of things you can do to make your holiday even more enjoyable for everyone in your family. And that includes your pet dog.

Pick a Dog-Friendly Destination

You really will not be able to enjoy your holiday if your destination simply doesnt allow dogs. The good news is that many of the worlds cities are making significant steps towards providing tourist attractions and amenities that are dog-friendly. From restaurants to bars and cafes and even parks, many of these cities now accept tourists with their four-legged companions. You might want to choose a holiday destination that everyone in your family, including your dog, will truly enjoy.

Secure Necessary Clearances

Different countries have different rules when it comes to bringing pets into their borders. Some will require a complete vaccination record as well as the necessary shots specific to that country. Once you have chosen a particular destination, learn more about their rules or laws related to the bringing in of pets so you can secure these from your veterinarian. It is a must that you bring your dogs identification papers, vaccination and veterinary records, and even a clearance from your veterinarian related to the fitness of your dog for travel.

Book a Dog-Friendly Flight

Not all airliners allow dogs inside the passenger cabin. Most will require them to be placed in pet crates and be stowed in the baggage compartment under the cabin. This is no place for a dog as it can get unusually hot. There are, of course, airliners that provide specially-built sections in the cargo compartment just for pets. These are generally air-conditioned to provide comfort for pets. Some major airliners allow pets onboard their flights in the passenger cabin, provided they are placed in a pet crate that meets their specifications. As such, you will need to research a bit as to which airline can provide you with the best possible accommodation for both you and your dog.

Organize Your Pets Things

Once all the preliminaries are done, you can start organizing your pets travel essentials. Make sure you have an airline-approved travel crate. Be ready with its doggie medicines with its accompanying prescription. The country you may be flying into may not have your dogs medicines so it is wise to bring extra that will last the duration of your holiday. Make sure your dog is clean and well-grromed and bring brushes and kit. Bring your dogs favorite toy and place it inside its travel crate. Dont forget its water bottle, healthy doggie treats, and high-quality dog food. Its collar or body harness and leash are also important. Lastly, dont forget to bring dog poop bags.

Going on an overseas holiday with your pet is something that all pet parents want to accomplish without a fuss. These tips should help you realize such a dream.