Does My Pet Need Health Insurance?

It has been forecast that the pet insurance industry will grow integrally as consumers become better versed with the different pet insurance brands. The executive director of the association for pet health insurance predicts that the pet insurance sector will increase and grow once pet insurance can be included in employee benefits by more companies.

Consult your veterinarian regarding the costs involved with treating your breed of pet for the most common conditions. This will allow you to work out what sort of “limits” you would require for your level of coverage for your pet. It may come as a surprise once you find out the fees charged for certain conditions which is of course the main reason to make sure you have pet health insurance.

At PetVetsOnline we believe that the best way to choose the correct plan would be to get a quotation for pet health insurance as this plan may be customized to fit your coverage requirements as well as your budget. Talk to your veterinarian about their experience with the different plans for pet health insurance. Feedback from family, friends and colleagues can also help you to choose the best option available for your pet.

During your pet’s life there will be both joys and maybe a few challenges as well, so a plan for pet health insurance will enable you to manage should there be a few difficult times.

During the first year of your pet’s life, you as an owner will find that routine trips to the vet are required for both checkups and vaccinations. Pet health insurance can assist in offsetting the cost of these visits. It will work out to be more cost-effective and money saving over the lifetime of the pet if the owner insures younger pets.

Their is a wide variation in the average cost of Pet Insurance which will be dependent on your pet’s age and health history, including the level of reimbursement and the amount that may be deductible. However, the premium for pet health insurance is on average per month between $20 and $50, although plans for cats generally cost less than dog plans.

An easier possibility to get pet insurance would be a discount plan for pet health-care in which almost all types of veterinary care would be covered by a flat discount. The difference between pet insurance plans and discount plans is that discount plans have almost no exclusions and cover all types of pets so they would be the best choice for any pet that has had many past health problems. Another benefit of the discount plan is that you will not have to wait for your refund but will see your savings straight away.

Something to bear in mind however, is that you must find a vet who is a member of the plan’s network as the amount you will receive back on your vet bills will be lower on the whole. You will be expected to pay in the region of $10 per month for one pet.

Do your research first by chatting to your vet to find the policy that suits your requirements. A good place to start would be with an internet search as there are so many companies offering pet health insurance.