Four Treehouse Hotels To Lift Your Spirits

There are actually hotels in the world that may not look like palaces and castles, yet have a unique charm that they can be called magnificent accommodations nonetheless. Treehouse hotels offer an experience like no other. Get ready for a real treat as we’re bringing to you 3 of the world’s best treehouse hotels you really have to sleep in with your loved ones.

1. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club

– Situated in the island of Hainan in China, this 4-suite hotel perched on old yet majestic tamarind trees is a must-try for those who would love to sleep high up the forest floor and be greeted by the melodic chirps of birds and the noise from other tree inhabitants. Opening the windows will get you a very rare glimpse of the beautiful South China Sea or even the imposing Nanshan Mountain on the other side.

The suites may not have carpeted floors and expensive marble tiles, but the feeling of being closer to nature is second to none. Besides, you are only several minutes away by foot to a sprawling Buddhist and eco theme park where pagodas, temples, and botanical gardens can provide an exceptional experience to the never-ending virgin beach that line the treehouses.

2. Treehotel –

If you’re looking for something more bizarre and something definitely colder than those in China, you’d better head to Harads in Sweden and book a few nights at the Treehotel. There are only 6 of these oddly-shaped architectural masterpieces that would seem to have been impaled by the tallest pine trees you’ll ever see.

Located some 20 feet from the snow-covered pine forest floor are Instagram-worthy treehouses, some of which resemble that of mirrored cubes, bird’s nests, and even UFOs. This is the perfect accommodation for those who want to enjoy the full splendor of the Swedish outdoors. And if you want to make your stay really memorable, get ready with your Polaroid or even your GoPro as it’s the best place to be amazed by the Aurora Borealis.

3. Chewton Glen Treehouses –
In the grounds of this posh hotel in the New Forest in the United Kingdom is a collection of treehouse ‘suites’ for the exclusive use of guests. This is a lovely rural retreat surrounding by ancient forest, which was protected as the hunting grounds of King Henry VIII. The New Forest is now a National Park and Chewton Glen one of the area’s finest hotels where you can expect top service and sumptuous meals. Then you can retreat to your own personal treehouse in the woods. Dog lovers will love the fact that some of the rooms and cabins on this estate are dog friendly so you can take your pooch on your treehouse adventure too. More resources on dog friendly holidays in the UK can be found on this using this new service.

4. Chalkley Treehouse –

If you don’t mind sleeping under an ocean of stars and sent to Slumberland by the melodies of wild animals from lions to hyenas to antelopes and what-have-you down below, then the Chalkley Treehouse is perfect for you. This safety platform-turned-romantic bush bedroom stands at the heart of the famous Lion Sands Game Reserve of the Krueger National Park in South Africa.

Just before the sun bids you farewell and ushers in the moon, you will be brought here by the Chalkley management. You’ll be spending the whole night alone in the treehouse. This is definitely not for the faint-of-heart as the beasts of the savannah usually prowl the night when their prey are at their most vulnerable.

Treehouse hotels bring you a lot closer to Mother Nature, giving you an experience you won’t get from other types of hotels. From the wild to the odd and to Zen-like harmony, these accommodations are perfect for those who wish to move away from traditional hotels.